Bon Voyage & Bon Appetit!

Chef Arif, one of our familiar faces around The Piggy Market, will be leaving us at the end of the week.  Arif has been with us for well over a year, and has become a huge part of the store, with the take home dinner program, our lunch menus, re-vitalizing the butter chicken, creating our hummus that we sell to Origin Trade every week, and much more.

Arif came to us through a long career with much experience, from Vancouver, London Ontario, and restaurants here in Ottawa.  As of October 24th, you will be able to find him at Le Hibou, in Wakefield, Quebec, where he is taking over as Executive Chef.  Arif will be sorely missed, but coming into his place is Dan Ward, who has been with us for the summer and will be taking over the dinner and lunch menus.

Arif is still with us until Friday the 14th, and we have quite a few of his delicious take home dinners in the freezer that you can stock up on!

Come on in, and say good bye, wish him well, and best fortunes for the future.  Then go visit Le Hibou in Wakefield next month for some good eats!

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