Welcome to The Piggy Market, serving Ottawa since 2008.  We are an Ottawa store focused on Artisan Charcuterie and Craft Butchering, with a focus on products from our own backyard.

The Piggy Market is an artisan delicatessen and craft butcher shop dedicated to working with local farmers to rekindle the passion and excitement that goes along with food culture and food traditions. Co-owners Dave Neil and Warren Sutherland work together to create food that is inclusive of the many different cultures that culminate to create Canadian food culture.

The Piggy Market is about conversations, and the food that comes out of them. That’s how it always starts, at least. A conversation about food. Good food, made the real way, with local ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite for lunch, something premade for dinner, a butcher cut to prepare your favourite meal, or those essentials to stock your pantry, we have what you need.

Looking into the future, we continue to support our local farmers, and a local food system for sustainable food within Ottawa. The Delicious Revolution is our commitment to ensuring traditional food, delicious food, and seasonal food.

Dave Neil

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