Nut-free Bakery

Ottawa Nut-free Bakery

The Piggy Market’s baking department started out of a need for nut-free products, as one of our owners has an allergy.  We started with breads from other companies, and letting people know they were not nut free, but then could not use them in any of our own cooking without compromising everything else we do.  So, we started experimenting with breads.

This, of course, led to cookies and muffins, cinnamon buns and brownies, and it never seems to end…  Soon, we were hiring bakers to keep up production.  As soon as this happened, we branched out and started offering our baked products for wholesale.  Currently, you can find our products at:

  • Thyme and Again creative catering, using our honey buttermilk bread on their lunch menu
  • Equator Coffeehouse in Westboro, selling carrot cakes, brownies, cookies, cinnamon buns, and more
  • Rainbow Foods, on Richmond Road near Britannia park have our breads fresh every Monday and Friday.
  • Sutherland Restaurant, who use our Whole Wheat, Honey Buttermilk, and Marble Rye Breads.
  • The Savoy Brasserie, who use our White Sourdough Bread and Honey Oat Bread.

Our bakers arrive at The Piggy Market in the wee hours of the morning, to start daily production of our breads and pastries.  The Piggy Market Bakery offers a nut free baking environment, and ensures that all of our products are safe to eat for anyone with this unfortunate allergy.  This also means all of our products are okay to go to school with your kids!

Piggy Market Baked Goods