Ottawa’s Premiere Artisanal & Local Delicatessan

About the Piggy Market

A place where food and community meet in old fashioned ways to remind us of the comforts of getting together over a meal. The Piggy Market strives to support a local food system, by getting to know and developing relationships with the area’s farmers. You can find local foods in everything we create and sell.

This Week’s Menus – Lunch and Dinners


Salad – Greek – Heirloom Tomato/Cucumber/Peppers/Feta/Olives/Oregano & Garlic Vinaigrette

Salami Sandwich – San Gennaro Salami/Provolone/Arugula/Heirloom Tomato/Peach Chutney

BLT with Cheese – Double Smoked Bacon/Arugula/Heirloom Tomato/Roasted Poblano/Figaro

Ham and Cheese Sandwich – Maple Smoked Ham/Tomme des Desmoiselles/Dill Pickles/Baby Spinach

Roast Turkey – Maple Mustard Turkey Breast/Dijon/Spinach/Roasted Tomatoes/Fresh Cucumber

Piggy Market Classic – Pulled Pork and Blue Cheese

Jamaican Patties – Beef or Curry Chicken

NEW*** – Breakfast Sandwich, ready at 8am – Arugula/Cheddar/Roasted Red Pepper Relish/Maple Butter/Sausage Patty



Monday – Summer Rabbit and Pork Belly Stew – Braised Rabbit/Seared Pork Belly/Pepperonata/Spaetzle

Tuesday – Spiced Roasted Goose Breast – Curried Cauliflower/Chickpea & Confit Couscous/Honey glazed Turnips/Cardamom & Clove Stone Fruit

Wednesday – Roast Leg of Lamb – Lemon & Oregano Seasoned Lamb/Garlic Bok Choy/Rice Pilaf/Peach & Poblano Chutney

Thursday – Bangers and Mash – Peppered Chicken Sausage/Roast Garlic Mash/Steamed Heritage Carrots/Plum BBQ Sauce

Friday – Chipotle Beef Meatballs – Beef Meatballs/Chipotle Tomato Sauce/Roasted Cherry Tomatoes/House Made Tagliatelle/String Zucchini

Latest News –

Summer Sunday BBQ’s return to The Piggy Market!  Our BBQ will be on our front patio every Sunday, weather permitting, with Sausages and Burgers available for Lunch!



The Piggy Market is open 7 days a week, except on Statutory Holidays, and 2 annual vacations.

Monday – Saturday from 7am until 7pm

Sunday from 9am until 5pm

Annual Holidays are January 1st-7th, and the week following the August Civic Holiday.

Location & Contact

400 Winston Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario  K2A 1Y5

Location map for The Piggy Market
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