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About the Piggy Market

A place where food and community meet in old fashioned ways to remind us of the comforts of getting together over a meal. The Piggy Market strives to support a local food system, by getting to know and developing relationships with the area’s farmers. You can find local foods in everything we create and sell.

This Week’s Menus – Lunch and Dinners


Salad – “Fattoush” – Tomato/Cucumber/Red Onion/Pita Chips/Mint/Lemon-Sumac Emulsion

Tacos – Pasilla Molasses Beef – Avocado/Queso Fresco/Lime/Salsa Verde

PBT Sandwich – Marinated Pork/Bacon/Avocado/Tomato/Pickled Kohlrabi & Beets/Spinach/Mustard-Molasses Aioli

Corned Beef Sandwich – Carrot Slaw/Horseradish Crema/Dijon/Oven Roasted Balsamic Tomatoes/Mizuna

Roast Chicken Sandwich – Bechamel/Bacon/Spring Onions/Sun Dried Tomato Pesto/Spinach/Roasted Red Peppers

Lamb Donair Sandwich – Slow Roasted Lamb/Tzatziki/Onion/Tomato/Hot Sauce/Pickled Onion/Hummus

Piggy Market Classic – Pulled Pork and Blue Cheese

Jamaican Patties – Beef or Curry Chicken

NEW*** – Breakfast Sandwich, ready at 8am – Arugula/Cheddar/Roasted Red Pepper Relish/Maple Butter/Sausage Patty



Monday – Chuck Eye Roll – Green Pea & Peppercorn Chevre Risotto/Horseradish Creme Fraiche/Achiote Beef Demi/Preserved Lemon/Hascap Dust

Tuesday – Grilled Lamb Leg – Spinach/Olive/Roasted Tomatoes/Couscous

Wednesday – Confit Pork Belly – Caramelized Apple & Onion Jus/Kohlrabi & Ginger Puree/Creamed Mustard Polenta/Charred Broccoli

Thursday – Bacon Wrapped Roast Beef – Warm Cauliflower Salad/Rosemary Demi

Friday – Duck Curry – Cherry & Ricotta Gnocchi/Sugar Snap Peas/Mizuna/Lemon Ricotta

Latest News –

Summer Sunday BBQ’s return to The Piggy Market! ¬†Our BBQ will be on our front patio every Sunday, weather permitting, with Sausages and Burgers available for Lunch!

The PIggy Market Summer Break is approaching – We will be closed from August 1st – 7th.

Our Summer Freezer Sale is on now! 30% off everything in the freezers (except for Pascale’s Ice Cream)


The Piggy Market is open 7 days a week, except on Statutory Holidays, and 2 annual vacations.

Monday – Saturday from 7am until 7pm

Sunday from 9am until 5pm

Annual Holidays are January 1st-7th, and the week following the August Civic Holiday.

Location & Contact

400 Winston Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario  K2A 1Y5

Location map for The Piggy Market
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