Please note, all butcher cuts such as steaks and ground meats are done to order. If you are in a hurry, call us ahead, and we’re more than happy to have your order ready!

What does it mean to be a Craft Butcher?

First and foremost, we deal with whole animal carcass, and butcher everything ourselves. What this means for you, is that any cut of meat that you want, we will most likely be able to fill.  If we don’t know what a cut is, we’re happy to research it and cut it for you.

It means that we buy local.  The most sustainable way to have a secure food system is to know where your food comes from.  This is a commitment not just to be able to tell you where your food is from, but why we source it from the specific farmer.  Does this mean our meat is Organic?  Not necessarily.  We would much rather know our farmers and their production methods than that an official from a government agency has come and certified it organic, driving the price up.

Speaking of our Farmers:

Beef: Our Beef is all Ontario grown, all graded AA or higher.  We purchase from the Beverly Creek farm, in Milgrove, Ontario.

Lamb: Beverly Creek Farm, Milgrove, Ontario.  A family run business with a focus on humanely raising livestock.

Pork: Our Pork comes from Haanover View Farms, in Marysville, Ontario.  A cross between a Tamworth Heritage pig and a Duroc, our pork has all the great qualities of a heritage breed without the cost!

Chicken: Chicken is a tricky one.  According to the Poultry marketing board a farm can raise either 300 chickens, and sell at farm gate only (without the ability to advertise), or over 9000 to sell commercially.  For this reason, we of course have to buy commercial chicken.  Giannone Poultry, out of Quebec, is probably the best commercial chicken producer in Canada.  All Growth Hormone and Antibiotic free, grain fed and air chilled.

Venison: From Trillium Meadows farm in Vankleek Hill, Hans and Marianne Lindenmann raise some fantastic red deer.  Only available occasionally, watch for updates on our Twitter and Facebook pages for when we have it in store.

Duck, Rabbit, Goose, Pheasant, Cornish Hens, and more are available coming out of farms in Quebec and Eastern Ontario.