Soup, There It Is!: A Comforting Way to Stay Warm

The weather has been quite dreary lately, which can make one just want to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket, favourite movie and a hot bowl of soup. Besides the immediate sense of nostalgia that soup can bring (your Mother making something to fill both your bowl and stomach) those comforting feelings are actually very beneficial to your well-being.

‘Soup is good for the health.

Perhaps the easiest way to add vegetables to your daily meals is to eat soup. You can make several bowls of soup filled with fruits and veggies each day and you’ll be filled. Eating vegetables is part of a healthy diet so veggie soups are highly recommended. Fiona Kirk wrote a book on soup as an effective diet. In her bestseller “Soup Can Make You Thin”, Kirk wrote:

“The wealth of ingredients in a bowl of soup provides a good balance of carbohydrates, protein and fats as well as the vitamins and minerals required to create energy and keep us firing on all cylinders.”

Soup makes you feel full.

Soup fills you up because it stretches the stomach. You easily feel full so it’s ideal to eat soup at the beginning of every meal.’

Let us help you relive those comforting moments with some of our finest house made soups:

Turkey Noodle

Beef and Barley

Sausage and Lentil

Tomato Coconut

Potato Leek

Cream of Celery Root

Velvet Squash and many more!

New soups are made every 2-3 days, so make sure to stop by to see what’s available.

The Piggy Market Thanksgiving Experience

Thanksgiving is probably one of our favourite times of year here at The Piggy Market. We use it as a time to reflect on the past summer season, and remember all of the good times we’ve had, before the coming of winter.

It also means there’s time for one more harvest dinner, and we always try to make the most of it. The store will be absolutely full this weekend, with anything you could desire! If you want to make sure we have exactly what you want, feel free to order ahead. Here’s what you’ll be able to find:

Turkeys – From Scotch Line Turkey Farms, near Waterloo, Ontario. Fresh, never frozen, and growth hormone and antibiotic free.

Hams – Lavergne Western Meat, in Navan, Ontario. Bone in, Maple Smoked, and delicious. All from pork raised within 100 KM of Ottawa.

Fresh Pork – loin roasts, leg roasts, belly, and more. From Haanover View Farms in Marysville, Ontario

Lamb Legs – All natural, from a 4th generation farm in Osgoode, Ontario. Maple Meadow farm is also our regular supplier.

Pheasants and Guinea Fowl out of the freezer. Cornish Hens. Chickens and Duck.

Our Bakers are hard at work as well, making sure there are lots of breads and treats available. Remember, our baking is always guaranteed 100% nut free. We’ll have miles of pies available all weekend as well:

Pumpkin – Pumpkins from Rideau Pines Farm, and roasted in house.
Apple – Apples from Hall Apple Orchard.
Raspberry – Berries from Rideau Pines Farm
Sour Cherry – Cherries from Warner Farms – available only Saturday afternoon and Sunday
Apricot – Fruit from Warner Farms

As always, Kyle will be hard at work making our infamous beaus beer sausage stuffing, which will be available by the litre. This one always goes fast, so call to reserve for sure!

Please note, we will be closed on Monday, October 10th. Happy Thanksgiving!