Cheese and Charcuterie Platters for the Holidays

Say cheese..and charcuterie! The holidays are here and nothing says entertaining better than a providing your friends and family with delicious food. To make your festive efforts even more memorable, using unique items that offer different flavour profiles will ensure that everyone stays talking about your eats months later.

The term charcuterie is derived from the French word ‘chaircuterie’ and translates into ‘a shop that sells cooked cold meats or the describing of the actual meats themselves.’ At The Piggy Market our charcuterie boards are always available with at least 48 hours notice and are customized just for you. Some of the wonderful meat selection that we have available includes:

Prosciutto, Bresaola, Capicollo, Chorizo, Saucisson Sec, Smoked Duck Breast

Terrine Selection
Duck Liver Pate, Country Style Pork Pate, Creton, Chicken Pate en Croute

The right cheese can effectively compliment the meat selection and provide some flavour balancing. Some excellent cheeses that we recommend for holiday entertaining include:

Le Pionnier (made from sheep and cow’s milk), La Galette de la Table Ronde (made from organic cow’s milk) and Mountain Oak (2 year Gouda).

Finally, some fresh bread can help bring everything together. Our new sourdough is multigrain made with white, whole wheat and buckwheat flours and has a nine seed blend mixed throughout.

This holiday season and beyond we want to make sure that you’re always charcuteri-eating the best. For the freshest local artisan food options make sure you visit The Piggy Market!

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