Pork Fit for any Fork

We may be so much more than a craft butcher and artisan deli, but what type of place would we be if prime cuts of pork weren’t available? We are called ‘The Piggy Market’ after all!

We feature pork exclusively from Haanover View farms, located in Marysville, Ontario (between Kingston and Belleville). They raise a Tarmorth/Duroc Blend breed pig, which creates an excellent old world flavour with the fat composition of a newer breed, which makes for truly delicious pork all around.

A really simple way to cook a Coppa (boneless shoulder roast) is to season with salt, barbecue spice, and roast in a 350 degree oven until done to an internal temperature of 151 degrees. It is then ready to be sliced for dinner, or also great for sandwiches. Make sure to stop by for the best pork that is perfectly suited for any and all forks (and mouths!).