Welcome to The Piggy Market Online!

We are constantly busy cooking and baking in store, and are slowly adding things to the online store as we go! The Categories below are updated every Monday at 3:30pm, for the weekly availability. Please note that we are a full scale butcher shop and delicatessen; While our goal is to have all of our products online for you, we are new to this and still working on best practices for weighted items! If you don’t see something you’re after in the online shop, check our bakery, kitchen, butcher, and delicatessen pages for other items, and please email us (, we will happily get an order ready for you as soon as possible.

Christmas Pre-Orders_

Items EXCLUSIVELY available for pick up December 21st - 24th, 2021! (unless otherwise stated in the products' description).  Please note, pick up times will not matter over these days, just make sure you come on the day you choose.  Hours for Christmas week:

Dec 21-23: 9am - 6pm

Dec 24: 8am - 2pm

We're happy to once again provide some of the best Turkey, Pies, and more that Ottawa has to offer! When ordering, please note whether an item says RAW or COOKED. Please note also for RAW items that you are paying a DEPOSIT ONLY. Full price will be due upon pick up, and price per lb are listed in the item descriptions.