Fruit Pies, Pot Pies, Tourtieres, Pie Shells…  We love our pies at The Piggy Market!

It all starts with the dough.  Using locally milled flours out of Quebec, fresh Butter from Alliston Creamery, our own rendered pork lard, Bekings roam free eggs, and the right mix of salt, vinegar and sugar help to ensure a great tasting crust every time.  We also use the french Fraisage method to create extra flaky dough!  A little more work on our part that goes a long way in final taste and texture!

Fruit Pies

Our Fruit pies change with the season, and are mostly available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Pre-order any day of the week though.  Our rotation includes: Rhubarb sourcream, Strawberry Rhubarb, Bumbleberry, Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Peach and Blueberry, Apple, Pumpkin, Lemon Meringue, Sugar pie.

Pot Pies

A labor of love for our cooks.  Pie fillings are made year round, with seasonal veg in the summer.  Usual flavours stocked in our freezer include:

  • Chicken – Rotisserie chicken, herbed gravy, lots of veg
  • Turkey – Shredded turkey drumsticks with root vegetables
  • Pork and Mushroom – Our most popular, braised pork hocks with a mix of 5 different locally grown organic mushrooms
  • Venison – Braised venison shank, with a red wine gravy
  • Duck Confit – Succulent duck confit, with a savoury celery root focused veg mix
  • Steak and Kidney – Done right, with flank steak, pork kidneys, caramelized shallots and herbs

The Piggy Market Tourtiere

We used to get a lot of flak over this one, as we are not using “traditional” flavors in our tourtiere.  After many years, we like to think of this as our own traditional tourtiere.  We use a mix of locally produced beef and pork, and season it with Caraway, Cumin, and Allspice.  Thickened with rolled oats and Rye Sourdough breadcrumbs, the tourtiere is sure to please on its own, or when paired with a cranberry chutney.

Pie Shells

Making your own pie, but don’t want to do the dough?  Available out of our freezer, we have shells ready for you anytime!