Our bakers love their pastries!  As with everything produced in our kitchens, all pastry items are guaranteed 100% NUT FREE.  We add new things all the time, and you might watch for these:

  • Scones – Savoury and Sweet – Cheddar and chive is pretty constant, but the sweet flavour we try and keep seasonal.  Look for Raspberry in the summer, Blueberry most of the fall, Cranberry around Christmas, and more!
  • Muffins – Also changing with the seasons!  Look for: Rhubarb sourcream, raspberry white chocolate, Blood orange and poppy seed, Pumpkin and currant…
  • Brownies – Sinfully delicious!  A mix of 70% dark chocolate, some cinnamon, and a hint of cayenne pepper.  Topped with roasted Cocoa nibs
  • Carrot Cake – Individual sized, with a Mascarpone and Orange icing.
  • Cherry Coconut Squares – Shortbread base with a chewy filling.

Look for specials in the store as the seasons change and our bakers get inspiration!