Every morning, our bakers are in the store long before the doors are unlocked getting our breads ready for the day.  Breads are never sold the next day, unless you’re warned!  Currently, we have 6 varieties available:

  • White Sourdough – A mix of white and whole wheat flours, with water and salt.  That’s all!  A great chewy sandwich bread, or for your charcuterie boards.
  • Rye Sourdough – Rye and white flours, with water, molasses, olive oil, lemon zest, spices and salt.  A little butter and salami, and breakfast couldn’t be any easier.
  • Cherry Sourdough – One of our favourites, and requested from a client.  Made with Niagara cherries, white, rye, and buckwheat flours, water, flax seed and salt, this rustic loaf is great for toasting in the morning or snacking with cheeses.
  • Beer Baguette – 25% whole wheat, with Kichesippi brewery 1855 beer and spent grains from the brewing process.  White and semolina flour, with water, salt, sugar and yeast balance out this great bread for charcuterie plates.
  • Struan – A whole wheat and white flour bread, ideal for sandwiches and toast.  The flours are mixed with water, milk, yeast, and salt.  After the dough is formed, we fold in a mix of 9 different seeds with wheat bran and rolled oats.  Topped with poppy seeds.
  • Honey and Buttermilk Loaf – Our fantastic white bread is probably the most popular.  Extremely moist and fluffy, this bread is everything you want for a sandwich or french toast.  White flour, with buttermilk, honey, eggs, water, yeast and salt.

Our breads are also available to wholesale clients, please email to set a tasting date.