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Ottawa local cheese supplier The Piggy Market
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And yes, we mean it!  Our cheese cooler stocks, on rotation, over 100 cheeses being crafted by small scale, artisanal or farmstead cheesemakers from Ontario and Quebec.

Some cheeses you will always find in our cooler, such as the award winning Lankaaster from Glengarry Fine Cheeses, and the Bleu d’Elizabeth from Fromagerie du Presbytere.

Others are more rare, such as Le Clandestin from Fromagerie Le Detour, or Madawaska from Back Forty Cheeses.

Whatever the occasion, we have a cheese in stock that will help you with your dinner or event.  If you’re looking for a European cheese, we can usually recommend a Canadian cheese that will substitute quite nicely.

Cheese Tastings @ The Piggy Market